American medicine has become one big chemical drug vending machine

Ironically, the same Greek mathematician who invented the syringe 2,000 years ago also created the very first vending machine. Some of the oldest vending machines dispensed holy water in Egyptian temples, but these days mostly what you get is sodas and junk food snacks. It only makes sense that most vending machines dish out junk science “food stuff” that causes cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and dementia, because it’s more or less toxic “pellets” for lab rats that don’t know any better, provided by Big Food.

Nothing in America creates more patients for life than Big Pharma’s partner in crime – junk food. And how does Big Pharma “manage the symptoms” of JFD (junk food disease)? Well, of course, by dispensing chemical junk-science drugs for the pain and anguish.

Even though you need a prescription from a medical doctor to get your hands and mouth on these toxic “vended” drugs, it doesn’t take much more than any given moron telling the doctor they’ve got pain, depression or anxiety, and voila, just like inserting a dollar and pushing a big button with a trademark symbol on it, the rat takes its medicine, and round and round it spins on the wheel called chronic sick care.

Deadly prescription drugs are CONVENIENT and easily obtained, just like vended junk food and soda

To grab a quick coke, a bag of chips, and a candy bar, you don’t need a brain at all, just pull out a couple one dollar bills (or your credit card) and insert into the hole with the blinking arrow. Then wait for a bleep noise, and push the buttons featuring the pictures of the items your taste buds and weeping belly are craving. Reach down into the bottom slot when the junk bags and cans drop, open the packaging, and shove or pour ingredients into mouth.

To grab a quick fix of heroin (opiates), you don’t need a brain at all, just pull out your medical coverage card and insert it into the slit beneath the office clerk’s window in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Then wait for your name to be called, follow the nurse to a special room, and when the doctor finally comes in, say, “I am depressed,” “I am stressed,” or “I have pain.” Some doctors even have their own medication vending machine (in-house pharmacy) so you don’t have to drive extra miles to a drug store.

Today’s medical doctors are not allowed to give nutritional advice, or the American Medical Association will come shut them down, and even if they were, they don’t know the right things to say, because they weren’t educated that way in medical college. So instead, M.D.s just sling experimental, addictive drugs at symptoms of deeper rooted sicknesses, along with immune-system-destroying antibiotics and carcinogenic vaccines.

That’s why any medicine that wrecks your health is easy to come by, just like junk food in vending machines. The money isn’t made off the “vending” products, the money is made off the sick fools who are repeat offenders and keep going back to the well for more poison – it’s called chronic sick care or symptom management. Fact: Prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in America, even when “taken as directed.”

Doctors can all be replaced by robots, since they don’t engage in any human behavior

Ever notice you’re not really allowed to speak your mind to a medical doctor? He or she will ask you a few questions, and as you begin complaining about your problems, they shut you up, run the stethoscope over your body, check your temperature, and blood pressure, and then it’s down to business as usual. “I’m going to write you two prescriptions, one for the (fill in pain, anxiety, or depression here), and one for the (fill in mucus, coughing, headache, inflammation, rash, or fever).”

You see, there’s really no intellectual discussion or human interaction necessary at all. Plus, you’ll probably just suggest some drugs you saw advertised on television, and the pill pusher will scribble his/her John Hancock on a little slip of paper and you’re all set. Well, just as easily, there could be medication vending machines all over the USA, where you just slide in your medical coverage card, push the buttons that have symbols and pictures of your health ills, wait for the happy beep, and grab your chemical drugs.

All the lab-made concoctions that never really heal anyone, but only do more harm (think junk food in vending machines here) could easily be dished out by machines, including blood thinner, cholesterol meds, SSRIs, opiate-based painkillers, ADD and ADHD drugs, insulin, and even the syringes full of vaccines and deadly flu shots. Does it really take someone with a medical degree to sling these out? After all, anyone can administer a mercury-loaded flu shot these days.

Got pain or anguish? Just put your dollars in the pharma-vendor (M.D.’s pocket) and push the panic button (simply say you have pain, anguish, or depression) and voila – your medication is dispensed by the med-vending-machine (they actually already have them in China). Addicted to cocaine, heroin, or fake news CNN? No problem. Just go to med-vendor and press “panic.” After all, medical doctors today are just glorified drug pushers making six figures. Go to to find out more about medication “vending” machines called American medical doctors.

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