Health Basics: The TRUE History of Cancer in the USA

You don’t have to go back that far actually, only a little over a century, to find out when cancer was “bred” in the United States as a form of income for insidious tyrants of the medical industry. Forget about conspiracy theories and let’s talk facts — in fact, a whole barrage of them that reveal a dirty path of corruption and planning.

We’ll start this off with the year 1905, when the American Medical Association (AMA) hired thugs to run what they called the Department of Investigation (DOI) to hunt down doctors who were using natural remedies and shut them down. This would ensure the rise of AMA profits. The DOI kept files on anyone who was cured of cancer by natural medicine. The DOI also kept notes about health foods and vitamins. A crook heading up the AMA at the time, Morris Fishbein, was an extortionist who required large payments to the AMA by pharma companies for the AMA’s golden “Seal of Acceptance” (sounds like today’s Fast Track drug approvals), even though the AMA didn’t have any facilities to test the highly experimental, chemical drugs.

It was a huge scam, but no medical doctors in America were privy to it. At the same time, all nutrition education was covertly removed from medical colleges, and chemical drugs were the only legal “medicine.” The tsunami of preventable diseases would ensue, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer. Before the early 1900s, barely a case of preventable disease and disorder existed. The infamous AMA we know today started it all and they’re still “working hard” today to perpetuate the nightmare.

What exactly is cancer? Cancer is the uncontrolled division, multiplication and spread of mutated and warped cells that attack healthy cells and organs. Most cancer stems from the consumption of chemicals that cause an acidic body to be deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Though cancer was not literally created in the United States, the toxic food and medicine environment that catapults it was, so let’s take a look at how we got to where we are today, where one in every three Americans gets cancer in their lifetime, and half of those unfortunates are terminated by it.

Timeline of cancer propagation in the United States

1900 – Cancer (especially lung cancer) is rare. Only about 90 people out of every 100,000 are diagnosed with it.

1905 – The AMA begins suppressing known natural cures for ailments of all sorts and removes nutritional education from medical college curriculum.

1930 – Any scientists and physicians who discover cures for cancer find their labs destroyed or materials confiscated, then they’re arrested, silenced or murdered (this is still happening today, by the way).

1930s – FDA, AMA, and CDC suppress and deny natural cures and prevention strategies for cancer.

1930 – Microbiologist Dr. Royal Rife proves that if microbes inside cancer cells are killed, the cells revert back to normal ones.

1931 – Doctors from around the country join Dr. Raymond “Royal” Rife, who invented the first high-powered microscope that could directly observe bacteria and viruses, as he isolates a filterable virus of carcinoma and succeeds in destroying the typhus bacteria, not to mention the herpes virus and even strains of polio.

1937 – The AMA indicts Dr. Rife for “fraudulent” medical practices.

1938 – The AMA visits all doctors who support Dr. Rife (and those who use his instrument inventions) warning them that if they continue they will “lose their medical license.”

1939 – The AMA and the FDA destroy Dr. Rife’s lab (and attempted to destroy all of his research, including his academic committee records) because his cancer cure rate was 100 percent among his patients.

1939 – The AMA literally pays a cancer researcher, Dr. Arthur Kendall, over $250,000 (that would be worth about $5 million today) to stop working on cancer cures and retire in Mexico, where he owned land.

1944 – Dr. Kendall dies of mysterious, unknown causes.

1940s – Lung cancer is scientifically discovered to be caused by smoking cigarettes, yet the AMA and 20,000 doctors endorse cigarettes as healthy and good for digestion for thirty more years.

1945 – The auspicious beginning of water fluoridation begins in Grand Rapids, Michigan just as WWII ends. Hitler had previously used the same type of fluoride in the drinking water in concentration camps to weaken the Jews to keep them from rebelling.

1950 – Post WWII food factories and plants begin processing American food in cans, adding cancer-causing chemical additives and chemical preservatives.

1955 – Dr. Jonas Salk removes kidneys of rhesus monkeys, injects them with three different strains of polio and incubates them to stimulate growth of the virus. Then he dilutes the combination of strains with formaldehyde to weaken the virus, then injects it into live monkeys, mice and rabbits and claims, along with CDC, the new “miracle vaccine of the century!” has been discovered and that it’s “safe, potent and efficient.” Fake polio vaccine cure is shipped in vials all over the world. The false “herd theory” is invented.

Late 1950s – Polio vaccines given to nearly 100 million Americans contaminated with hidden leukemia and SV40 cancer viruses (it was all admitted and recorded by Merck scientist named Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who was there at the time and witnessed it all). He’s now called the “Forgotten Hero.”

1963 – Researchers inject cancer cells into 19 elderly, debilitated patients at a Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. The pharma-funded experiment was carried out on blacks and Jews that were prisoners because “they were cheaper than chimpanzees,” according to pharma industry officials.

1970s – Invasive medical procedures become the “norm” for treating cancer, including surgery, radiation, mammograms, chemotherapy and other dangerous toxic pharmaceuticals.

1971 – President Nixon declares the fake “War on Cancer” by launching the “National Cancer Act” while dishing out a cool $100 million to front groups, including NCI (National Cancer Institute) funds for promoting toxic chemotherapy.

1970s – Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski finds an advanced, cutting edge and non-toxic gene-targeting cure for even the most lethal forms of cancer (such as brain cancer and tumors on the spines in children).

1977 – The FDA raids Dr. Burzynski’s clinic, steals his patented formulas, seizes 12,000 patient records, purposely dilutes the most important ingredients of his neoplastons formula, then claims it doesn’t work after running tests (Dr. Burzynski is still curing people of cancer today at his clinic in Texas).

1980s – Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) introduced to corn and soy across USA. Genetically engineered and mutated produce in America would now be infected with insecticides and herbicides from the inside out.

1980s – Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, Karmanos Cancer Institute, and many more front groups all raise money (for administrative salaries and costs mainly) while pretending to “search for cure” for cancer.

2010 – Google, YouTube and Social Media controllers begin massive purge of all information about curing cancer, natural remedies, CBD oil, hemp, etc.

2012 – National Cancer Institute (NCI) spends over $1.2 billion annually to bury natural cures.

2018 – Mercury is still used in vaccines, including flu shots, while CDC lies and says that it is not. There is no safe level of mercury, formaldehyde or aluminum that can be injected into a human.

2018 – Toxic sodium fluoride is still insidiously dripped into municipal tap water for the majority of Americans to consume.

Cancer cures are still being buried by the FDA, CDC, and the cancer industrial complex of the USA. Where should you begin to find answers? Consider the information shared in the video below by Dr. Leonard Caldwell.


Cancer is a chemically-driven disease that dies in an alkalized body

For more information about how America literally breeds cancer with chemically-altered foods and lab-made medicines (think prescription medications and chemotherapy), visit and learn not only the truth about cancer, but how to prevent and beat it. Seek organic food and natural medicine. Look into for nutritional information, natural remedies and herbal medicine. Also check out the top 25 most amazing facts about the hidden history of medicine.

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