“Doctor, how did I get so sick?” From the roots of chronic inflammation to the crux of “unsolvable” American health catastrophes

No medical doctor in America can solve the health “boondoggles” that develop over time from the constant consumption of pesticides, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, and chemical food preservatives. It all starts with inflammation, and once that gets bad, every medical doctor in America does the same thing – prescribes pain-killing pharmaceuticals to cover up the symptoms, steroids to compromise your immune system and damage soft tissue, and antibiotics to wipe out your good gut bacteria.

Inflammation isn’t something to be “battled” with chemical pharmaceuticals. That’s just covering up the warning signs of deeper-seeded issues. In fact, that would be like spraying dark paint over the warning bulb on your dashboard when your vehicle’s “check engine” light comes on, and then pretending like you don’t need to fix what’s wrong. The waiting game is the worst thing you can do.

Inflammation is a natural immune response to infections, wounds, or damaged tissue, but chronic inflammation is your arch enemy. Untreated acute inflammation and autoimmune disorder can turn ugly fast. Today’s GMOs (genetically modified organisms in food) are one of the most serious culprits of chronic inflammation, because most people consume these toxic pesticides with every meal, every drink, and every medication.

What happens then? Chemicals from the body’s white blood cells get released into the blood to protect you from foreign substances (think insane vaccine ingredients here), causing swelling, nerve disruption, loss of function, and pain.

Chronic bad decision-making is what’s driving your chronic inflammation – time to ignore the mass media and choose organic, plant-based foods

It’s everywhere. Junk food in America is everywhere. It infiltrates organic food products. Junk science. That’s scientists working in laboratories for pesticide manufacturers who figure out how to bastardize food with chemicals that cause dementia and cancer, while increasing profit margins for the company or corporation. Foods and drinks are loaded with chemicals in America.

The most popular artificial sweeteners, Aspartame and Sucralose, cause chronic inflammation that leads to nerve disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer.

All those prescribed drugs for “high cholesterol” or “low blood pressure” or “anxiety” or “bacterial infections” – they all cause chronic inflammation and hypertension.

The toxic bug-killing fluoride America drips into 75 percent of municipal taps causes chronic inflammation, lowered IQ, brittle bones, and then cancer. Who knew?

Chemotherapy causes massive inflammation right from the first insidious dose. Wipe out all your good gut bacteria and you’ve essentially wiped out the biological seat of immunity, and every oncologist in the world knows that, but it’s all about Western arrogance and a system that has them all locked into poison medicine. Yes, humanity is being mass murdered, genocide style, all in the name of “science-based” medicine.

The only solution? Organic, plant-based foods and natural medicine. Need a beginner’s guide to all of this?

A whole-foods, plant-based diet can cure your health ills, and it won’t cost as much as your “friends” or “health magazines” say it will

People today make things so complicated. That’s why they suffer from chronic inflammation. Their ears are constantly ringing, their vision blurred, their thinking fogged, their emotions off kilter, their sensations dulled, their mind numbed, and the pain, oh, the pain. Their muscles are tight, their head hurts, they’re perpetually tired, and they want someone, anyone, to blame anything but their eating and drinking habits (and their prescription medicines).

If you’re eating anything daily that’s processed, there’s your problem. You should be limiting animal products and by-products. You should eliminate refined foods, added sugars, processed oils, and anything bleached white, like flour and most pasta.

Keep it simple. Your inflammation will dissipate within days, and you will be cutting off the “fuel that feeds the fire” of your health dismay.

Tune in to Statins.news to find out how your “medication” is most likely doubling or tripling your chances of contracting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

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