Daily Caller goes all-in with globalist-run vaccine industry, claims measles outbreak due to “anti-vaxxers”

When it comes to spreading fake news about vaccines, it turns out that both the Left and the Right are guilty of it.

Case in point: The Daily Caller, which would seem to be aligned with conservative values and ideals in many other areas, recently published a pro-vaccine propaganda article that might as well have been concocted by the likes of The Washington Post or CNN.

Just like the writers at these Leftist news outlets have been known to do, The Daily Caller reporter Grace Carr rehashed many of the usual vaccine industry talking points, including the lie that people who aren’t vaccinated according to government guidelines are directly contributing to infectious disease outbreaks.

The example Carr used is a recent measles outbreak that occurred in Portland, Oregon, a city that just so happens to have a higher-than-average population of residents who opt out of vaccines. Carr actually cited The Washington Post as a credible source in declaring that this particular outbreak was caused by not enough people in Portland getting the controversial MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella.

The Post reported, and Carr reiterated, that 23 people contracted measles during the outbreak, one of whom was hospitalized for it. And this was apparently enough for Clark County, located just north of Portland on the Vancouver side of Washington state, to declare a public health emergency.

Because 20 of those infected with measles hadn’t been vaccinated with MMR, according to the Post, health officials were quick to blame their non-vaccinated status as the outbreak’s cause – even though there have been other measles outbreaks in the past that were traced back to people who had been vaccinated. Carr seems to have zero awareness that vaccine fraud is pushed just like the Russia hoax. It’s all propaganda.

However, rather than perform due diligence in investigating all this, Carr chose to instead parrot the mainstream media’s talking points about how people who refuse vaccines are responsible for all infectious disease outbreaks – this one included.

Daily Caller cites corrupt CDC as “evidence” that vaccines don’t cause autism

As to why people in the Portland area and elsewhere are refusing vaccines, Carr further dredged up status quo propaganda put forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has been caught lying in the past about measles outbreaks that affected vaccinated children, including one that occurred at Disneyland.

But Carr’s mention of the CDC was actually in reference to the public health agency’s claim that there’s no relationship whatsoever between vaccines and autism – which, as we earlier reported, is also a lie that stems from a massive CDC cover-up of scientific data showing that vaccines are, in fact, connected to autism.

“The CDC maintains that there is no relationship between vaccinations and autism,” Carr wrote, along with a direct quote from the CDC website contending that there have been “[m]any studies” that have looked for a relationship between vaccines and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and supposedly come up short.

“To date, the studies continue to show that vaccines are not associated with ASD,” the CDC insists.

For more vaccine-related news, be sure to check out Vaccines.news.

Daily Caller lies about measles being “one of the most serious infectious diseases known to humankind”

Carr’s vaccine propaganda piece went even further, suggesting that Portlanders did this to themselves, referring to the outbreak, because not everyone there is lining up to get MMR vaccines like the government wants.

She quoted a local pediatrics professor, for instance, who described the situation as “really awful and really tragic and totally preventable,” referring to Portland as “a total train wreck when it comes to vaccine rates.”

“This is a self-inflicted wound,” this pro-vaccine individual told the Post, which is repeatedly cited throughout Carr’s article as a credible source.

Carr also inserted a quote from this same pediatrics professor, who ridiculously claims that measles is “one of the most serious infectious diseases known to humankind” – which Carr herself further described as “the leading killer of children.”

This insane claim, like many of the others embedded throughout Carr’s article, also came from the Post, which begs the question: Has The Daily Caller merged itself with The Washington Post?

It would appear that way, seeing as how Carr failed to present even a single argument from the other side of the vaccine debate. Instead, she chose to pretend as though there simply isn’t one, and present the Post and the CDC as the sole purveyors of truth about vaccines – a laughable notion that puts The Daily Caller far into the fake news category, at least when it comes to presenting honest, independent information about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

“There is systematic suppression in the United States on the truth about the links between vaccines and autism,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

Be sure to check out VaccineHolocaust.org to learn more about the Great Vaccine Deception that’s destroying the health of America’s most vulnerable.

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