Leaked documents show that GSK’s 6-in-1 “Infanrix Hexa” vaccine KILLED 36 infants

Independent media sources have procured an eye-opening treasure trove of bombshell information showing that vaccine giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) knew full well that a 6-in-1 vaccine it produces caused at least 36 infants who received it to die over the course of two years, but failed to disclose this pertinent information publicly.

The combination vaccine, known as “Infanrix Hexa,” resulted in almost immediate death for these 36 young ones, a previously withheld 1,271-page document that was first obtained by the website Initiative Citoyenne reveals. These deaths reportedly occurred between October 2009 and October 2011.

Originally launched in 2000, Infanrix Hexa is a multivalent vaccine that’s marketed as a jab that protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, hepatitis B, and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). According to GSK, Infanrix Hexa is completely safe and effective – which we now know, thanks to this newly-leaked document, is factually incorrect.

Computational figures compiled by GreenMedInfo‘s Christina England, an investigative sleuth who’s uncovered all sorts of problems with many so-called “combination vaccines,” reveal that Infanrix Hexa is hardly safe or effective, and is actually a very high-risk vaccine, even by vaccine industry standards.

“Using the figure of 36 deaths over a two-year period, this averages 1.5 deaths per month, which by anyone’s standard is extremely high,” she writes. “Note that only 1 to 10% of adverse reactions to vaccines are actually reported. Therefore, in reality, the problem could potentially be far more serious and the actual number of fatalities much higher.”

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GSK further withheld evidence that nearly 2,000 babies were harmed or killed by Infanrix Hexa over a two-year period

In addition to the 36 deaths reported to GSK between October 2009 and October 2011, the company also reportedly received nearly 2,000 reports of other adverse reactions caused by Infanrix Hexa, including at least 503 cases of serious adverse reactions.

Again keeping in mind that only a very small fraction of vaccine adverse events are even reported, what this suggests is that Infanrix Hexa is an extremely dangerous vaccine that, were the full truth to come out about it, would result in its being pulled from the market entirely.

And like with most other vaccines, Infanrix Hexa is loaded with toxic ingredients far beyond the toxoids for the six diseases it supposedly prevents. These toxic additives include things like aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate, polysorbate 20 and polysorbate 30, and neomycin and polymyxin, two types of antibiotics.

Aluminum, as you may already know, is a deadly neurotoxin that’s been linked to brain disorders like dementia, as well as seizures. And antibiotics like neomycin and polymyxin kill off beneficial bacteria that exist to support natural immunity – meaning these vaccine additives actually fight against the very things that vaccines which contain them are claimed to support.

“It is universally recognized among toxicologists that combinations of toxic chemicals may bring exponential increases in toxicity; that is, two toxic chemicals in combination will bring a ten-fold or even a hundred-fold increase in toxicity,” explains Dr. Harold Buttram in an article he wrote entitled, “The Ultimate Gamble: Do Childhood Vaccines Result in Genetic Hybridization from Alien Human and Animal DNA Contents?”

“A classical example of this principle was the Schubert study in which it was found that the amount of lead and the amount of mercury, when each was given separately, would be lethal for one percent of rats tested, would become lethal for one hundred percent of rats tested when combined … In vaccines this principle would apply at least to mercury and aluminum, both of which are potent neurotoxins.”

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