Top 10 medical treatments that can make you SICKER than before you took them

By now, everyone has heard plenty about the “side effects” from prescription medications advertised on television, but what about the side effects from combining processed, chemical-laden foods and neurotoxic vaccines with those medications? The science of allopathic medicine will never be “settled” because it’s a farce to begin with – this requires careful consideration. The term “FDA approved” means the manufacturers of the chemical concoctions paid millions of dollars for an FDA stamp of approval after “testing” their own products and claiming they’re “safe and effective.” Are they really? Couldn’t drug dealers simply say the same thing? The truth is… most medical treatments in America make you sicker than you were before you took them, especially because they’re mixing with an array of chemicals you’re already consuming daily.

What medical doctor has ever asked their patient at consultation whether they’re consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Why not? That refers to produce that contains chemical insecticides and chemical herbicides that can interact dangerously with chemical medications. What medical doctor analyzes the adverse affects of mixing mercury and formaldehyde with blood thinners or anxiety medications? Why not? Flu shots are often loaded with those toxic ingredients, and heavy metal toxins can certainly interfere with neurons in the brain and the central nervous system. Even the toxins in tap water can affect the central nervous system, so what happens when you wash down those anxiety medications with tap water, consume an artificial sweetener like aspartame, eat some food containing MSG, and then get a flu shot?

We already know the MMR vaccine causes horrific adverse events for boys under age three, as admitted by the lead CDC scientist, after the biggest medical fraud scandal and cover up of the century took place at the Center for Disease “Control.”

We already know certain blood thinners can cause fatal internal bleeding, like Pradaxa, the drug that caused 260 people to fatally bleed out from an irreversible side effect for which there is no “reversal agent” available.

People assume scientific integrity is assured, with safeguards in place, but they have no idea about all the fraudulent research taking place in America

Scientific misconduct is the “norm” in this country. The opioid epidemic is pushed and spread by an elite crime network of highly paid white collar drug manufacturers and “drug dealers.” It’s a widespread problem, and it’s not just the scientists that are participating, but the CDC, the FDA, oncologists and medical doctors too. It’s time to wake up to the fraud all around us.

Science-based medicine means chemicals are mixed up in a laboratory and dished out to naive patients who consume many other dangerous chemicals that interact with those untested, experimental drugs. Science-based medicine is just an expression that has zero substance now. There are too many conflicts of interest in the research and testing fields.

Questionable science is leading to the deaths of millions of patients around the globe. Beta-blockers are drugs used to treat high blood pressure, but they block neurotransmitters and dilate blood vessels. The side effects include hundreds of thousands of deaths. Since when is death a side effect of medicine? That’s an end result and that medicine should be recalled immediately.

Did your medical doctor inform you about all the injuries patients are incurring from your medication? Who’s really reading about retracted papers in medical journals besides the crooked doctors who keep on pushing beta-blocker pills for lucrative bonuses and kickbacks?

Pharmaceutical companies don’t pull medicines from the “shelf” just because people are dying from them, they wait until the lawsuit payouts outweigh the profits. For example, the entire vaccine industry is equipped with their own secretive court and hush money that comes from a multi-billion-dollar slush fund. That slush fund is just a tiny fraction of the profits made from marketing bunk vaccines, like flu shots.

There are no more checks and balances in the medical industry. It’s as corrupt and chemical-laden as the cosmetics and pet food industries. Now, more people are dying from chemotherapy than from cancer itself. How is that medicine allowed to be legal? Check the Pharma Death Clock. Over 18,000,000 terminated since the year 2000. And you thought chemotherapy was science-based medicine?

Certain flu shots contain over 25,000 times more mercury than is allowed in drinking water, and it’s being injected directly into pregnant mothers and 6-month-young babies. Talk about getting sicker from medicine. The flu shot is the most dangerous vaccine of them all, but the media keeps completely silent about the “science” all while propagating hysteria. Why else is the flu shot the only free medicine around? Just check your local pharmacy, elementary schools, and most work places.

Then there are antibiotics that kill all the bacteria in your gut, including the good kind. That basically destroys your immunity. If what you have is really a viral infection, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

Did you know that antihistamines shrink your mucus membranes, preventing your body from pushing out the very toxins that cause infection in the first place. Ever wonder why you get a sinus or bronchial infection about a week after you start taking antihistamines?

Fact: 80 percent of people who commit suicide are reported to be on psychiatric drugs (SSRIs) at the time. So is that a side effect or “end effect?”

Take heed of the top 10 medical treatments that make you SICKER than before you took them

#1. Flu shot

#2. Chemotherapy

#3. Blood Thinners

#4. Antibiotics

#5. Antihistamines

#6. Steroids and Cortisone Shots

#7. Beta-Blockers (High Blood Pressure Medications)

#8. High Cholesterol Medications

#9. Anti-Anxiety Medications

#10. Anti-Depression Medications

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